What you NEED to know and frequently asked questions

  1. Who is eligible for Avenue Hotel Property Scheme?
    Malaysian Citizens who are 18 years old & above.

  2. Can Non Malaysian subscribe to the Avenue Hotel Property Interest Scheme?
    Yes, non-Malaysians can subscribe to the Property Interests.

  3. Can I purchase for someone who is under 18 years of age. If yes what are the requirements?
    Yes, but the person investing must be a parent or legal guardian or someone who declares that he/she is investing as a trustee for the person who is below 18 years old. Once that person reaches his/her 18th birthday, the Property Interests can be transferred to that person.

  4. How long is this investment program?
    35years from date of launch (10th October 2011).

  5. What is the Return of Investment?
    (a) Fixed Income:
    Investors will be getting a fixed rate of return of 7% per annum for the first 14 years from the date of scheme launched.

    (b)Annual Income:
    Investors’ return after the 14th year from the date of launch scheme will be calculated as follow:

    [(GARR) – (PME)]
    _________________ = Variable Nett Yield payable to each Property Interest

    • GARR means the actual annual rental returns received from tenants of the Property by the Management Company
    • PME means the costs, charges & expenses incurred by the Management Company in respect of managing the Property
    • TPI means the ten thousand five hundred (10,500) redeemable interests created under the Scheme herein

    (c)Capital Appreciation:
    After the 35th years of tenure ship, Investors will obtain capital return appreciation through the sale of the property based on the market valuation.

  6. What happens after the completion of the 35 years tenure ship?
    After the 35- year tenure, the property will be put up on sale. The sales proceed after defraying from administration charges and liabilities will be equally divided to Investors based on the number of units owned.

  7. When and how will Return of Investment be paid to the Unit Holder?
    Direct debit to investors banking account.

  8. Is Avenue Hotel Property Scheme transferable?
    Immediate resale option permissible after cooling off period of 10days.
    Investors are allowed to make transfers to a third party and there will be RM 100 transfer fees imposed.

  9. Are they any additional costs that the Unit Holders have to pay besides the capital sum?
    The Management Company will impose an Annual Property Maintenance Fee of RM20.00 for each Property Interest to be defrayed against quit rent, assessment, upkeep of the Property and general administration cost.

  10. Is Avenue Hotel Property Scheme tax free?
    Investment Returns are subject to Income Tax.

  11. Do the investors have to pay in full upon signing up with Avenue Hotel Property Scheme?
    Full payment upon activation of scheme

  12. What is the mode of payment?
    The modes of payment available are cash, cheque, Visa or Master Card. All payments are to be in Malaysia Ringgit. For cheque payment, the cheque must be crossed and made payable to “Avenue Properties Berhad”. Postdated cheque are not accepted.

  13. What documentation is required when applying for Avenue Hotel Property Scheme?
    An original or a certified copy of the identity card (I.C.).

  14. Who is the trustee for this Scheme?
    My Premier Turstee (M) Berhad, appointed by the Management Company with the approval of SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).

  • Why Invest?

    • Excellent Returns
    • Minimal Risk
    • Capital Protection
    • Capital Appreciation
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