The Return of Investment



Fixed Nett Yield Phase ( 1st to 14th Year of the APS)

Property Interest Holders will enjoy an annual fixed financial return of 7% on the Base Value for each Property Interest.


Variable Nett Yield Phase ( 15th to 35th Year of the AHPS )

Property Unit Holders may enjoy an annual nett yield or financial return based on the difference of the Property's.

[(GARR) – (PME)]
_________________ = Variable Nett Yield payable to each Property Interest

  • GARR means the actual annual rental returns received from tenants of the Property by the Management Company
  • PME means the costs, charges & expenses incurred by the Management Company in respect of managing the Property
  • TPI means the ten thousand five hundred (10,500) redeemable interests created under the Scheme herein


Maturity Phase ( 35 Years from initial Launch of the AHPS )

Upon maturity or expiry of AHPS, Property Interest Holders will enjoy both Capital Return & Appreciation.

  • Why Invest?

    • Excellent Returns
    • Minimal Risk
    • Capital Protection
    • Capital Appreciation
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